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4 Different Types of Weed You Can Order Online

Love the smell of the sticky icky? If so, then look no further than some of these awesome marijuana strains that you can order at your online weed dispensary. What’s interesting about them is how each of them seems to have their own personality, and while one might have a bitter citrus aroma, the next one flips the script and gives you a mellow high.

1. White Coma

Looking for a bud coated with THC crystals? If so, you’ll love White Coma. It goes straight to the head, and it can increase your artistic output. The smoke tastes smooth and burns to a white ash. The high can take away anxiety and depression and help a person to feel more energetic.

2. Grapefruit

Sometimes it pays to buy grams of weed online from a strain that you’ve never had before. Grapefruit is one of those lesser-known strains that you can buy at your online weed dispensary. Upon opening the bag, an overwhelming bitter citrus aroma will waft up to your nostrils. It almost beckons you forward, and the smoke tastes the same as the aroma, which is pleasant. The high brings you a boost of energy, an uplifted mood and more creativity.

3. Pineapple Haze

Known for its tropical and delicious aroma, Pineapple Haze can be bought online through mail order marijuana. It brings about this euphoric and creative high that helps you focus intensely on things. If you smoke Pineapple Haze at night, you will feel sleepy.

4. Purple Gold

The best words to describe Purple Gold include frosty and stinky. A powerful hybrid that blends some unique properties, Purple Gold produces a full body high perfect for a nighttime treatment when you have a sleep disorder or pain. Purple Gold has an inviting berry aroma, and even the leaves are freckled with this frosty resin.

When you go to buy, you may decide to buy one of these strains, or you may be feeling adventurous and try them all out by mail order weed online. What you should pick depends on what you’re looking for in a strain like Purple Gold is good for pain relief.

At My Online Weed Dispensary, we make it easy to discover new strains. Treat a variety of symptoms and receive your order in a discreet package. To learn more and to start shopping visit us online.

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