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Mail Order Marijuana: What Should You Be Paying

As an industrialized nation, some people are wondering how much to pay for mail order marijuana and weed in general. Canada has been asking themselves this question as they look at the possibility of being the first industrialized nation to legalize it across the country. First, they face the problem of identifying the price on Canada’s street corners and still setting it high enough to where it discourages the youth from trying it. All the while, keeping it low enough to decimate the illegal markets.

What People Want to Know

The Canadian government is trying to learn the pricing, the quantity and where people purchased it from whether a street corner or an online weed dispensary. They also want to know if it had been purchased for medical purposes or recreational purposes. When researchers look at the average price of weed from mail order marijuana, they found how the price ranged anywhere from $6.94 to $9.52 in Canadian dollars for each gram.

How Much Spent in the Industry

Whether it came from an online weed dispensary or elsewhere, statisticians discovered an interesting statistic. They learned how Canadians had spent over $5.7 billion on marijuana in 2017 alone. Based on a Statistics Canada report, this makes marijuana even bigger than tobacco.

What Should You Pay?

What should you pay when you order weed online? The convenience of it is great because you don’t even have to leave your home for mail order marijuana. Most people think it should remain the same after legalization, and they don’t want to pay too much more than what they’re already paying, which is understandable.

When you order weed online, you have chosen to go another route. You may have to pay a little extra for shipping and handling, but you have a great selection of choices. Does it cost more than what you’d pay at a dispensary? In most cases, it won’t cost too much more, and you always know you get fresh bud.

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