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Black Diamond Kush


Bred in Northern California as a clone only strain, the “Black Diamond” (AKA Black Diamond OG or Black Diamond OG Kush) is a nearly pure Indica dominant hybrid that produces above average amounts of extremely potent flowers that bear a beautiful purplish hue that comes in towards the end of it’s very short flowering cycle. This Blackberry and Diamond OG Kush hybrid churns out shorter sized plants that have a very strong and stout structure that fills in with solid amounts of rock hard and ridiculously resinous buds that are ripe and ready for harvest in only 8-9 weeks indoors and finishing outdoors or in a greenhouse around the beginning of October. The “Black Diamond OG” provides you with a wonderfully delightful terpene profile that’s bold, earthy, OG Kush-like tones are paired with a nice and sweet, fruity bouquet that gives her rather thick smoke a smooth and tasty finish that lightens up her heavy aroma as well. Her nearly pure Indica heavy high creeps up on you with a very relaxing and narcotic body stone that’s sedative qualities and many amazing medicinal benefits make it a perfect nighttime smoke for people suffering from a wide range of conditions, both mental and physical.


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