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The Top 10 Most Popular Strains of Weed to Order Online

Weed gives off a euphoric buzz, and these strains can be bought at an online weed dispensary. You can always use the internet to learn about the popularity of a strain. Almost every enthusiast of this seven-leaf plant will be out and look for a legal way to purchase some of the hottest fire in the marketplace.

1. Pineapple Express

You can order weed online to check out the Pineapple Express. This Hawaiian and Trainwreck blend has a wonderful flavor. It has become popular because of its punch, but the quality also remains good.

2. Sour Diesel

Also called Sour D, this mail order marijuana smells just like you’d imagine it does—like diesel. You can hit it almost as hard, and it has been known to help with stress, pain relief and depression.

3. G-13

G-13 is the legendary secret strain that the government once used to make spies confess, and it has been known for how it lowers stress and anxiety.

4. Purple Haze

Known as an energetic strain that you can get with mail order marijuana, it’s worth being on the list because of how it helped to normalize marijuana culture.

5. White Widow

You can buy White Widow at an online weed dispensary, and if there’s one strain on the list worth trying, White Widow has a THC crystal coating on the buds for the maximum effect.

6. Northern Lights

Ranking second in the highest search volume, Northern Lights will likely remain one of the most famous cannabis strains.

7. AK-47

Almost always coming up in the top 10 lists, the AK-47 strain mixed Afghani, Thai, Mexican and Colombian genetics. It has a mellow high even despite the high THC percentage.

8. Girl Scout Cookies

Likely one of the best strains on the market, the Girl Scout Cookies strain gives you what feels like an uplifting high. It rose to fame fast, and it even won multiple cannabis awards.

9. Skunk

Skunk earns its reputation because of the skunk smell it produces. This strain has a classic cross with Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold and Afghani, and it will likely stay in the online weed dispensary catalog for years to come.

10. OG Kush

References to rap songs, OG Kush has seen a growing community of enthusiasts. This has been a highly popular choice online. While it doesn’t remain an exact science, these strains have risen as some of the best.

When you order weed online, you have access to a better selection of strains than what you might have gotten at the traditional establishment. Why not check out one of the following to see which one is your favorite?

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